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Updates and additional information & content will be added monthly by the site owners and staff but there are no guarantees of that in the event of down service, natural or economical disasters, or inability on the staff's part to comply. There are no set standards or percentages for the amount of content added monthly to this site. That will depend on the the owners ability and availability. When you join The Secret Crypt, you become a member for up to 365 days. If you should decline membership within that period of time you will still be responsible for the fee of $15. You will be assigned a login name & password of your choosing. This password entry system is for your use only. If our password protection system detects that you are sharing your password, it would be grounds for membership termination and legal action could be taken against you. Allowing unauthorized entry is a crime and will be treated as such. It should also be stated that The Secret Crypt, it's owners and/or affiliates are not responsible for any promotional giveaways that are offered on The Secret Crypt for membership promotion or otherwise. Although not expected, Promotional giveaways could terminate without notice.

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