This month's true ghost story / with pictures!

This month's super freaky ghost story / with pics!

Jay writes, "This is one of the spookiest photographs we have ever seen. If you believe in ghosts, then this is for you! Here's the story:

The consignor of this photograph is the Manager of a self-storage facility in Northeast Phoenix, Arizona. The non-payment of rent rule at this particular facility is that after five (5) months of non-payment, the contents of your storage unit gets inventoried and auctioned off.

The photograph you see is a shot of the inside of Unit D-30/31, which the storage facility Manager took over 4 years ago in 2001 just after opening the door to the unit which had been locked up tightly for at least 5 months.

The Manager did not notice the ghost in the unit when she took the picture, and not until days later did she even look at the photograph to discover the ghost in it. In the past 4 years the photograph has become quite a conversation piece at the Company offices in California and Arizona.

We've provided three scans of the photograph. The first is a plain color scan. The second is a grey-scale scan. The third is an inverted scan, and you will notice that the ghost does not appear in that scan! Totally freaky!

In the photograph, the floral fabric is the back of a sofa. You will also see a mattress, which the ghosts face is up against, and boxes in the background and behind her. In the foreground you will notice a piece of Plexiglas which is leaning upright at the front of the unit, and in it you will see a reflection of a sign behind the Manager taking the picture.

She is one mad looking little girl, and she has a strong resemblance to Drew Barrymore. She must not have appreciated being disturbed after all that time!

Because it is difficult  if not impossible  to double expose a Polaroid photograph, well leave it up to you to decide if the ghost is real. It certainly made chills run up our spines!








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