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Black Forest video clips

Read about this extreme hotspot in Colorado

20 new video clips added and bad links removed!
Create a Ghost in a Jar
Ghost in the attic
Maybe this one is stupid but it's fun - Not Real
Spooky footage filmed in cemetery
Haunted Blockbuster Video Store
Freaky Ghost pictures displayed on video
Ghost in the kitchen pantry!
Cars roll uphill instead of down
Ghost looking for it's car
Entity open door and shakes doorknob
Kid gets attacked by ghost
Granny ghost on Security Cam
Residents film haunted activity in their house
Creepy ghost reflection in mirror
Ghost caught on Gas Station Security Cam
America's Most Haunted locations
Another version of the haunted parking Garage
Ghost Picture Show
Ghost Photo Slide Show that will blow you away
See a Haunted Bedroom in action
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Amazing Gettysburg video - Brought to us by:
Raising from theater seat - Brought by:
Shadow ghost - Brought to us by:
News5 - New Orleans ghosts -
Squiggly anomaly - Brought to us by:
Ecto over grave - Brought to us by:
School yard video on cell phone - Brought to us by:
Famous Hampton ghost - Brought to us by:
Here's some that are just for fun:
Just for fun but pretty amazing - dancing skeleton
Ghost girl pops out at you! - Brought to us by:
Don't be deceived by the music - Brought to us by: Castle of Spirits
Another one that will trick you! - Brought to us by:

Urban Legends Series: Ghosts  Brought to us by
Walking ghost figure     brought to us by:
Wiggling across the floor   brought to us by:
Ghost of a four year old boy  Brought to us by:
Brought to you by
Parking lot ghost in Japan
Exclusive coverage from Ghoststudy
Amazing snakelike energy
Exclusive coverage from Ghoststudy
Brought to you by Houston Chronicle &  Cathi Bunn
A streak of light makes a v-shape
Coverage from
Haunted building plagued with disturbances
Coverage from

Image seen slithering across the grass
Coverage from -

Brought to you by
Strange balls of light
Brought to you by
Man thrown into air
Brought to you by
Mysterious blood plasma
Brought to you by
Man hung by a ghost
Brought to you by
Miscellaneous ghost video clips
Hampton Court Ghost                       Puckett's Auto & Salvage Yard Ghost

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