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We have determined that the below photo submissions are not so supernatural after all. A few may even be downright trickery. They pass our desk on a daily basis. Possible explanations for these could include motion blur, smoke, trickery, light leak, glare, flare, slow shutter speed, dust, etc. The below photos are those mistaken for the supernatural but not necessarily intended to trick. So if you submit a fake, make it fun! All we ask is that you tell us they are fake and not try to trick us.




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Just so everyone understands... we are not accusing anyone of submitting deliberate fakes. Nor are are we saying for sure that all of these are fraudulent. Many of the photos we post are admitted fakes but others are simply our opinion. However, we should also take into consideration the conditions at the time can make an image appear supernatural when in fact it is simply an illusion. If your picture is posted here and you are in disagreement, please write us and present your case. We will listen.
  Jim's comments:
We appreciate everyone that made a contribution to this page. whether they intended them for this section or not. :)

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